Episode 35

Understanding Human Design Types: Is the Narcissist a Manifestor or Generator?

Published on: 14th March, 2023
Manifestors Aura is closed and doesn't repel people because they dislike you. It just keeps out the noise and opinions of others."

Are you curious to learn the differences between Human Design Manifestors and Generators? And is either one more prone to Narcissism? This guide provides an in-depth look at how they differ and how you can determine which type you are.

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Here are some key moments:

  • Manifestor's & Generator's Strategy
  • Toxic Not Self Theme of each
  • The Clash and NPD traits

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36. Understanding Human Design Types: Is the Narcissist a Manifestor or Generator?



a trauma informed spiritual mentor, certified meditation teacher, and human design expert. I'm empowering empaths three times a week in recovery and healing from narcissistic abuse, childhood trauma through human design, self-care, mindfulness advice, and expert interviews. This is season five


35. understanding human design types is the narcissist a manifestor or generator.


I just wanted to preface that. Usually I'm a very spot on Virgo. I have all this knowledge in my mind and it's. Cohesive. , I'm just feeling the tides of the ocean kind of blurring the lines of my knowledge and what I should be presenting. So just giving that preface there, and maybe you're feeling the same thing, so don't worry.

Be easy on yourself and let's just ride the tides of the energy this week. It's gonna feel very much like a mercury retrograde. Don't have high expectations of anybody or any clarity or any really exacting processes. So today we're gonna be talking about the manifestor versus the generator, and first we're gonna go over what the types attributes are and a refresher again on the generator, just in case you missed it.

The last couple Tuesdays, I have covered the generator with the projector and the generator with the manifesting generator, and mainly because. The generator and manifesting generator are the majority of us. So typically you're going to be interacting with a generator type, whether, whatever type you are.

So the manifestor , a force to be reckoned with. They are here as initiating bodies. They are what we call nons sacral. Because they have an undefined sacral center. It is white. So when they are around and in the aura of a defined sacl center, they magnify that energy and they actually appear to have more energy than the generator because they're amplifying it and they get the work done quickly and fast.

And so in a classroom setting, let's say for. That manifestor child is gonna be like, and they'll be like hand raised, first done. They've got it done and kind of leaving everyone in the dust. But don't be fooled. They can't do that all day long. They're just getting bursts of energy, cuz they're amplifying that from the sacral beings.

The strengths of a manifestor are energetic, they're driven, they're powerful, they're influential. They're successful, they're impulsive, and they're mysterious. I'm just gonna give an example of a manifestor who is in their highest energy and a manifestor who is in their lowest energy. So we'll start with the lowest, most negative energy of the manifestor, and that is Vladimir.

You can definitely see in the descriptions. He is impulsive, he is mysterious, and he is powerful. He seems to be pretty successful, um, but he is bowling over the freedoms of others.

Now the highest form of manifestor.

Frida Kalo. Frida was the famous artist who painted those beautiful paintings of the flowers representing the female body parts. Jennifer Aniston is a manifestor. Adele is a manifestor really living into their energy, highest bringing, bringing the highest frequencies of beauty, you know, whatever their main theme is, cuz then we have incarnation, cross themes, beauty of joy, of messages, of performance, of their vocal power.

So we have some beautiful examples of a manifestor type there. The manifesto's weakness is they get angry and irritable, which is their not self theme. Again, the not self theme is when you're out of alignment with your soul, you're not living according to your strategy, and all the energies are kind of blocked and you're unconscious.

I e, toxic is anger. So the angry, irritable, self-absorbed, maybe a narcissist. Not a team player. They're, because they have so much energy and they don't like to wait, they're not very good at being patient to bring the whole team together. They just go do things on their own cuz they can, and they have the power and they have the impulse, and they have the drive and the initiating.

They have the initiating power. and they're impatient, like I said, and they're secretive. They're secretive because they've con been conditioned to be safe, to wait to not charge forward because it's too dangerous, it's too scary. Um, a manifestor child could easily go out into the woods and survive and, you know, have that, that bravery and that in initiation.

But the parent, of course, is going to fear for the child's life, not. , any of this, and nor should a child be in the, the woods alone, but you know what I mean? Like it's the mindset against the other mindset. And so the parent has conditioned them to be safe, play it safe, be safe, tone it down. So secretive secrecy is definitely something that they've learned to do, to be able to get away with what they wanna do, because in their head they're like, I can do it.

I'm strong. Like stop holding me back. So the strategy. With the manifestor is to inform and then no one will hold you back. They will support you. They will gather around you and they'll be like, that's a great idea. Let's do it. Let's work together as a team and let's get it all happening. So you need to be patient in order to be able to just pause for a moment and inform people of what you have an inspiration to do of what you want to.

And a team will come around you and help you because if you just initiate on your own, your sacl energy will not be sustainable to make it last. So you may start lots of projects, but have a lot of unfinished projects as well. And in order to have that project finished and go through to fruition, you need to include the sac beings of the world, which are the generators and the manifesting generat.

In order to help you accomplish those goals and to fulfill that project that you have such a beautiful inspiration on.

Now let's cover again the recap on the generator type, so that way we know full well what we're dealing with the generator type. Is again, a sacral being. I keep mentioning that they have a defined sacral center that's square, just above the bottom square, which is red. That gives the, to do the doing energy, the reproduction, the, the machine-like energy to do, redo, rinse, and repeat.

Kind of like a factory line that is the defined red, uh, um, sacl centers. And so the strengths of the generator are, they are energetic. You ha with those kiddos, you have to, even yourself, you have to exercise, you have to get all your work done and exercise in one day just so you can exhaust your energy reserve so you can sleep peacefully at night.

Uh, the other strength of a generator, and this also applies for the manifesting generator, which has pretty much that sacral being type of, um, body. The generator's strengths are masters of their work. Sustainable energy and self-aware.

the biggest caveat between the manifesting generator and the generat. Is the manifesting generator can do many things at once where the generator is best to hone in on one task at a time. So the not self theme or the weaknesses, the unconscious toxic behavior from a generator is frustration.

They often get frustrated, maybe throw fits because they just can't get something done right. And they have something perfect in their. . It could also be you're frustrated with somebody else around you who's not, , maybe going according to your agenda. , they quit too soon, right? , the higher vibration is your patient and you haven't mastered it yet, and you keep working and working to master it.

The lower vibration is, I can't do it the first time, so I'm quitting. I can't do it the third time. I guess I'm not good at this. I'm gonna quit. Versus sticking with it with the growth mindset. The other weakness is generators can't just make it happen. We always think, oh, I have this great idea. I, I'm speaking from my own personal experience as a generator.

I really wanna do this. You have an inspiration. Although it takes, let's say, about hosting an event, it takes initiating power to really get that moving forward. And as a generator, we have responding power, not initiating power. So we can't just make it happen. We have to pull a team together of initiators around.

To be able to get this done and you can feel stuck as a generator. , I feel frustrated. Kind of victim mode, .

Clashing against the manifestor, anger and frustration and impatience with someone who may be trying to master their work or their stock. They're a victim. And so you can kind of see how this can become. Now, there are two sides to both coins. So a narcissist is not any of these types. N P D is just that mental health.

That there is the unhealthy coping mechanism of grandiose ideation. Uh, so we can apply to any type, but we'll just give some examples. So a generator who is a narcissist is going to always davo. They're always gonna be, , taking on that victim mentality of they're stuck. They can't do anything, they can't accomplish anything.

They're quitting their job here, they're very flaky with their. So you are the one providing the consistent income cuz they're always quitting. Let's say they're always frustrated. You can never please them. These are very classic signs of a narcissist, but in the theme of the generator, it's gonna be more frustration than anger.

Now, in the manifestor, it's going to come out as anger.

. So with a manifestor, is it gonna come out more like anger? So it's gonna be a lot more, maybe violence, a lot more yelling, a lot more throwing. They're self-absorbed, so they're not thinking about you at all. Obviously all narcissists are like that, but they're also gonna have zero empathy.

They're going to go off and do things on their own. They're not gonna include you as a partner. They're not a team player. They're impatient, very secretive. So that manifest. Narcissist is gonna have a lot more secrets. Of course, the generator narcissist will also have secrets, but let's say they'll have a lot more secrets cuz they're just very secretive.

That's their nature. , in the weakness, right? We all have this weakness or this toxic behavior that's part of our ego and the animal brain, and it's our job to have that growth mindset shift out of that into the higher consciousness and to be able. Be a lot more self-aware. And so this is why I love human design.

It helps us know specifically where should I be more self-aware.

Before I share this clip from our previous guest on the podcast. Let's dive into a quick commercial break.


one 17 and season four, how human design. Helps you after narcissistic abuse with Holly Marie. Learn about the power of the human design system to help you change your life.


Can be a bit awkward sometimes and rough, because remember, let's go through our percentages of, , the different types in the world. The generator is 37%. The manifesting generator is 33%. The manifestor is only 8% of the population, while the projector is 20% and the reflector is 2%. So with the manifestor, the aura is a closed off a.

Whereas the generator's aura is more of a warm, fuzzy puppy dog. I'm always here for you. Aura. The projector's aura is probing and the manifesting generator's Aura is also the puppy dog. Warm, golden. Like, come share with me all of your deep secrets. I'm here to hold you and cuddle you. And the , reflectors aura is very moon and reflective.

So here we have as the manifestor, your aura doesn't repel people because they dislike you. It's a closed off aura that the manifestor has. It just keeps out the noise and opinions of others. We all wish we had that manifestors aura. The generator's aura is much more open cuz we need to be able to respond to things coming in.

But we need to tune into our strategy and our intuition, our inner authority to know which to respond to. Yes or. However, with a manifestor, their strategy is to inform. So any manifestor who is truly initiating and in their power will tell you, we repel people. People are triggered by us, they're threatened by us, and can deeply hate us without cause.

And this can even be a high vibe, manifestor, right? But if we're kind of interacting with each other in this low vibe, toxic things always go, Aw. But they aren't responding to who you are or the value you offer as a person. They're responding to their own energy being triggered and then projecting that on you as a manifestor, which happens to all of us, especially with the narcissist.

Your aura is protective and it seeks to keep those projections out of your way by simply repelling people before they even really know.

So it isn't you manifestor, they just aren't ready for your energy yet, and your aura knows that. That's the beauty of really tuning into our energies and our auras. So how do we fix this clash? How do we figure out how we can get along? You know, instead of blaming and shaming and being impatient and going off and doing our own thing.

Discarding and avoiding our partner. How can we work as a team? Again, knowing the strategies helps you know the pieces of the puzzle and how you fit together. So the manifestor is that initiator and the generator is there to come alongside and support that manifestor.

You know, the power struggle comes in with a manifestor can amplify the energy of the sac being in the SAC center. And do more work than the average person like I mentioned. But because Manifestors do not have sustainable energy, others may feel frustrated with their apparent laziness once their initial energy burst Peters out.

Of course the generator's gonna think that they're lazy because the generator is the energizer bunny. You can go and go and never really peter out. Only when it's time for bed are you petering out cuz you did the right thing by exhausting your energy stores. But remember, manifestors are not here to.

They are here to initiate. Just because manifestors can initiate activity, one must not assume that a manifestor can work long hours doing physical labor or other types of the daily grind type of work. The manifestor health needs, breaks as a manifest. You need time to discharge excess energy out of your system.

So if you're. Being surrounded or attached codependently with a partner and you don't have time to discharge, things are gonna go awry. You're gonna feel really burnt out So it's not uncommon for the manifestor and projectors, probably even reflectors, cuz they all have the open sacl to. Suffer from insomnia or wakefulness at night because Manifestors do not have a defined sacral center. They are not designed to be worn out at the end of the day, and they need to lie down and relax before they can fall asleep.

So alone time reading a book, this means that the manifestors get healthy sleep when they go to bed before they are. If a Nons Sacra person waits until they are exhausted to go to sleep, then the quality of their sleep may be poor. So some affirmations for both of you. I'm just gonna close out here because this is where the conscious awareness comes in, is knowing your strategy.

Manifestors, again, I will repeat your strategy, is to be patient and inform of your idea that you're going to initiate. The generator, your strategy is to wait to respond. I mean, in a beautiful high vibe, symbiotic relationship, these two are phenomenal because you just get to wait to respond when the other one's informing and you guys can really jive and become amazing.

The affirmations for the manifestor is, I am a powerful being. I do not have to wait to exert my power. I make note of all the people who will be impacted by my actions and inform them about my actions. They do not have to like what I do or even agree to help me, and their resistance does not mean that I have to stop my actions.

That's really important to. Let's really tune into, because I'm sure you were conditioned as a child to stop because the resistance was for your own good. My actions give others things to respond to by giving others things to respond to. I am taking my place in the natural order of creation. I always attract the right people who will support my creative.

This is all such beautiful information and I, I pull all my information from Karen Curry, understanding human design and the book, and from my own personal experiences

and to affirm you, generator, to elevate your vibration and empower you to not be bullied, pushed over by the manifest. And to not step into things that you are not called to do because you think you can just do it, which our society teaches us that we can do. I trust in the infinite abundance of the universe, and I wait for what is right for me to show up.

I am perfectly designed to do the work that is right for me when I'm doing the right work. I am enliven and energized. Amen. I always know what to do. I trust my sac response and go with my gut. I have to use my energy every day. I am an energy being with sustainable energy.

The biggest thing that we can do for ourselves is self-care, taking time out in nature, especially if you're a nons sacral. But I also find it if I have an open root, as a sac being, I need to get out in nature to ground myself and to release the stress and the nerves of my adrenals, always having to prove myself and always having to do things before the right timing.

So I think each and every one of us needs to take time to self-care, take time to reflect, develop a growth mindset for ourselves and to know, just be aware that a clash within a relationship. First, evaluate if it is because you're both acting out of your not self. And then evaluate if the other person is willing to be open and.

Amazing. You can have a conversation and work on the relationship. If there's constant blame and shame and not willingness to change their actions, even though they're promising, then you are dealing with a mental illness at A K A N P D, and you'll need to find a way to protect yourself and to get out from that relationship and to get out of that toxic cycle.

So with greater awareness, we're able to know truly how to live according to our life strategy and our inner authority, and to live a life of our dreams. We all can live like heaven on earth versus hell on earth. It's really a matter of our choices. Do we choose to be treated all the time like we are worth nothing, and always be blamed for everything and take responsibility like a sponge.

All the things that they're doing wrong, are we gonna stand in our power and you're gonna rise up and you're gonna say no more. This relationship is a two-way street. And if you can't take your, the responsibility on your end and change their actions this way or that way, then we need to be done then I am done, , I am done with this.

And life is too short to be putting up with this and continuing to hope. And hope that you'll. Change happens in actions and with a person who's ready to change. It can happen within a day. So waiting weeks, waiting months on end is not the right solution, and all of us, we're not gonna change if we're comfortable.

Change happens in the discomfort. So taking that break from somebody, even if they aren't narcissist and they're just kind of stubborn, taking a break from them and making that feel uncomfortable will be a jolt of awake. Just all about the boundaries, what you're tolerating, what you can put up with in your life, and to visualize yourself in a relationship, in a life that feels good to you, that feels warm and supportive.

This is how we manifest is by feeling into what we envision and then surrendering up to the universe the.

The outcome because when we hold on tight to the narcissist, the outcome will never be that they change.

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