Empath And the Narcissist: Spiritual Healing with Human Design from Trauma & Narcissistic Abuse

Empowering Empaths into their power and authentic Self with Human Design After Narcissistic Abuse
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In our membership, you'll unlock the secrets of your Human Design chart, receive regular updates on Human Design Gate transits, and join empowering workshops designed to help you heal from narcissistic abuse.

Join the nurturing space where you can deepen your self-awareness and find the support you need for your personal growth journey.

Tiers available are:

  • How to Read My Human Design Chart
  • Human Design Gate Transits (as the Sun, Moon, & Earth (3 gates) move through the Gates)
  • Powerful Boundaries Workshop (limited space coming Nov 2023)
  • 12 Days of Christmas Astrology Zodiac Jofrah Study (limited space coming Dec 2023)
  • Live Narc Free Workshop ( limited space coming February 2024)
  • Calm you Vagus Nerve Workshop (limited space coming May 2024)

Suggestions are always welcome for Workshop ideas