Episode 31

Understanding Human Design Types: Is the Narcissist a Manifestor or Projector?

Published on: 7th March, 2023
Are you butting heads with someone in a toxic relationship?

Understanding the relationship interactions between an unconscious Manifestor and Projector Human Design Types in this insightful episode.

Learn to recognize toxic relationship patterns in general and specific to each type, and how to bring awareness and healing.

Have you encountered an arrogant know it all??? Then tune in!

Here are some key moments:

  • The Manifestor & Projector type explained
  • Where the clash comes in relationships
  • Each types aura described
  • What the Narcissist looks like in a Manifestor & Projector.

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31. Understanding the Toxic Interactions in Human Design Types Manifestor v Projector



a trauma informed spiritual mentor, certified meditation teacher, and human design expert. I'm empowering empaths three times a week in recovery and healing from narcissistic abuse, childhood trauma through human design, self-care, mindfulness advice, and expert interviews. This is season five

Episode 31, understanding the toxic interactions and human design types. Manifester versus projector


So again, the projector is a type that is a non sacral being, meaning their second up square from the bottom is white. It is not defined. They do not receive consistent energy. They are not like a battery. They are more like an amplifier, like a receiver of energy. And of course amongst their own self, they do have energy.

You can't. , they can just sit around because they don't have any energy to amplify. , what happens is that when other consistent energies get into their aura, they do amplify that , and so they get more amped up, they get more jazz, they get more motivated, they get just more like doing kind of a dry drive.

And so the manifestor also is a nons sacral being. So you have these two open sacs and anytime you get two open centers, it is kind of like this energetic lightning ping back and forth, this Z, Z, Z, and it's just kind of like it's bigger and bigger and bigger, like a multiplying. So I would say the struggle first with these two non sacral beings.

Is to tune into your authority, tune into your strategy so you're not feeling like this. Pressure and urge to run yourself ragged, essentially together, right as you're interacting with each other. And the projector has a very strong sense of efficiency. They are very wise. They can also be very stubborn depending on their personality.

Either they've been conditioned to not speak. They don't matter, whatever that toxic childhood happened, , they're not like everyone else. And so you get kind of two ways the projector can bring forth their wisdom unconsciously. First the projector can hold it, withhold it, become resentful, or speak it in the wrong timing and not be heard and still become resentful.

and they, they are like the judge and jury. Like they, they just know that how things should be done. It should be done right. It should be done this way. Why are they doing it this way? I'll give you a great example. My, again, this, it goes back to childhood, but we all have experienced childhood, correct?

And this is where we're conditioned out of our human design types and strategies. I am witnessing in real life, my projector child struggling with in school, which is very, generator type oriented processes, right? A to Z you need to explain all your math and you know, write it all out. And my projector child, she's like beyond the level of the math currently, but she's struggling mentally.

Like her mental health is really frustrated. She knows the answer or she can find the answer a very efficient way through the chart or the table her teacher gave her. And so she's getting really mad, like, why did she teach us a shortcut or why did she teach us? Like, give us this table if she doesn't want us to do it that way.

And she wants us to do it the hard way. And write out a whole page of how I got. Answer, right? The projector is just driven crazy, but all the extra work and processes that are just so unnecessary. So here is this beautiful example. I know it's a, it's kind of like a generator mixture with the projector, but I'm describing to you that projector's sense of knowing like they have such inefficient way, but this is life.

We experience bosses. and partners and different things that don't operate like us. And so the manifestor also probably struggles in school because they just wanna go and do and get out. They see a vision, they have energy to initiate something. But again, that generating type of school structure says, oh no, we have to start at A and work through and get to Z and we need to show our processes.

So the manifestor. It has very intense energy. It's a fire energy. It is that initiator. You see a vision and you literally can just go do it. All the other strategies have to wait to respond. The projector has to wait to be invited. The manifestor strategy is envisioned and do it . Well inform before doing it if you want the roadblocks to be cleared and people to not stop.

Make sure that you inform of your envision and then go ahead and start it. Initiate it and do it

so the manifestor type is one that can be very intense, can be very challenging, can be very. Initiating and this is, this is what we need. This is what we need to start projects. But because that they are a non sacral being, they also need to be able to delegate. They cannot do all the processes in the middle.

This is why most of the US are here. As the worker bees. The generators, the manifesting generators, we're the worker bees. The manifestors are the envisioner, the inventors that here, this is what we're creating, help me out, and they delegate to us. The projector comes alongside standing side by side with a manifestor and says, yeah, I see your vision and this is the most efficient way to get to the end result of your.

And so you kind of have like, let's take an old, I don't know why this is coming to mind, but like a king or a Pharaoh, right? Of Egypt, that's the manifestor, let's just call it. They have a vision, they wanna build the pyramids. And then alongside that, why sage, advisor is the projector that stands alongside them and says, yes, this is the way to build your pyramid.

And then the generator's manifesting generators are all a worker. Get the pyramid actually built. So you can see how we all work as a puzzle. We are all very different. And not to leave the reflector out. The reflector is the person who tells the who tells the pharaoh where the pyramid should be placed.

They feel within their body, comfortable in the right place, uncomfortable in the wrong place.

Before we get to the clash between these two energies. We're going to dive into a quick commercial break. .


They have the vision. The manifestor is a closed aura. We all have different auras based on our different types. The manifestor is a closed aura. The projector is a probing aura, and the generator manifesting generator is a warm kind. Right there, warm and fuzzy aura, just kind of o open, but not projecting, just how do I describe?

It's like it's right there. It's like a nice honey glow, whereas the projector is this probing, like magnetic red pulling, and the manifestors is a closed aura. So when you're unconscious about this, the manifestor is unwilling to depend on anyone else. This is the also the clash. If, if they're. Living, which I'm sure they're not, cause they're pa not patient enough according to their strategy to take a moment inform, then their energy's really intense and everyone gets really afraid for them.

Like, no, why are you quitting your job and starting this like without having some type of, , backup and plan. And if they don't inform then they're gonna hit a lot of roadblocks and people are aren't gonna be scared for them. Gonna put place doubt in their mind. All of these different things. So again, as well, the beautiful thing about both of them being non sacral beings is they both enjoy independence.

They both need to dispel that energy that they've been amplifying all day, have spend some alone time. It is very much a, again, when it is healthy. it is. They respect each other's alone, time, space. They, , maybe in a certain situation you have two, two different rooms. You have two different houses.

Like you don't have to live monogamously with somebody to be with them, if that makes sense. , having your own home space or even having your own bedroom. . There's just something about the non sacral beings and having that alone time is really important. So if you're unconscious about this and you go along with what the normal, traditional kind of cultural standards is, is living together, sleeping in the same bed together, like not leaving each other's side or feeling anxious or codependent, like, oh, well, they need their alone time.

That must mean something bad about me or. , , I'm not worthy of their love or they don't wanna be around me. , those things like that can really cause anxiety and clash when that's just that type's, , ideal. They ideally need that space, the independent space to chill out, to stop amplifying everything.

So this is the importance of knowing your type and knowing who you are and being conscious about that because then you. I guess stop feeding into your fears and anxiety about do they love me? He's like, yes, they love you. They just neither alone time. And it might make more sense when both parties are nons sacral, but when you're raised in conditioned, you might still have that anxiety as a nons.

Sacral being like, am I loved? , when someone's going off and spending alone time and decompressing. But in a healthy couple, there is mutual trust and there's mutual respect for each other. Each one has a unique role to help each other out. Like I had just gave the example, the Manifestor. , the manifestor is very energetic.

It has ideas and it's ready to go. It can't go for a long bouts of time, like an energizer. , but it sure is like a fire and it gets started and then it needs some help on the back end to keep the fire burning the projector. They're sensitive bodies, you know a lot of, again, their sacrals open. More than likely your self-identity is open so you can feel that sense of ease or disease within someone else's feelings about themselves.

and I'm gonna bring up another example just because I'm living in it right now. This is an experiment with this whole human design thing. My projector child came home and really like was rocked to the core, upset about another friend, , saying mean things to a classmate member in class. and it's almost like she felt like how bad he felt about himself when this person was talking down to him and she absorbed it and she brought it home.

And, , it's still really hard to talk about this at nine. They don't understand like this whole energetic concept, like it's really, really hard. So all I can do is break it down into like the simplest. and share with her that, yeah, you just need to, , dispel that energy. It is something that he was feeling and you might have been feeling a bit of what he was feeling.

Like you have a really big heart and you have empathy. That's really great. Yeah, so stand up and speak up for him next time. I don't think she was saying anything. She was just observing and a bit of like in the deer, in the headlights kind of froze and not sure what to. So it's just a learning lesson of how to interact with all these different people and behaviors and energetic bodies, but they're very sensitive bodies, and the, the manifestor is very energetic and can be very wild.

So unconsciously, this could be a big clash, right? It's like, boom, let's go. And the projector's like, Hmm, I'm not feeling it. Like no too much. But at the same time when you're, they're conscious, the projector. Can be anchored by the manifesto's energy. It's just all about like being aware and being conscious.

So if you wish to feel grounded, take a tip from the projector and manifestor and spend some alone time. I think all of us, no matter what our SAC roles are, we all have different, energy centers that are open that we need to release and dispel. Through alone time.

So that's my take on the human design, toxic relationships between the unconscious projector, struggling with the unconscious manifestor and some of the solutions and explanations of once they become aware how amazing and powerful of a couple they really could be. Because the manifestor, right, can initiate and start something huge and the projector can guide and say, yeah, let's do it this way and very efficiently, and be that anchor and be.

Advisor , for the manifestor. Yeah. And so the projector can really be that anchor for the manifesto's power. And a lot of people are intimidated by the manifesto's power. So I had a question coming through on Instagram.

Shout out to victory astrology. She's a manifestor and she was like, I need help finding somebody who can handle me, right? Because it's like so hard as a manifestor. A lot of the generators manifesting generators can't quite handle your. Lightning in a bottle, powerful energy. And sometimes the manifesting generators clash with you.

Cause they also are lightning in a bottle, but they're just like all over the place. I think it's also a matter of being conscious versus unconscious. You know, finding somebody who is open to learning about their human design type. As you get to know them further along and you're dating and you know, there's not like one particular type that's great for a manifest.

Just had a guest on, . Just had a guest on Jessie Adani and she's a manifestor and she had manifestor parents and she said, boy, was that like difficult, right? There was so much energy going around. It was probably a bit tense and , big emotions were flaring at many times.

So it's just a matter of being conscious. I mean, it's possible to be with another manifestor. It's possible for you manifestor to be with a generator or manifesting generator because if you're informing and you're conscious, that generator or manifesting generator can come alongside and help you and you can delegate to them with whatever you're working with or in the household or things like that.

And a projector. If you need maybe some more grounding, you need more guidance of an. I think this could be a really beautiful combination of manifestor projector, but it, it's just the same thing as astrology. Like, oh, what's the best, , compatible zodiac with my sign. Like, we have so many different zodiac energies within our own chart.

We have planet here, planets there. You know, I'm Virgo Sun, but that doesn't mean much because I also have Moon and Libra. I have my north node and Gemini. I have a telium of planets in Sagittarian. So not one person is just what their sun sign is. So therefore you can't just be compatible with whatever the sun sign is because there could be multiple energies, , in something else that's compatible with you and that jives.

So for me, I feel like experimenting with all this and , learning more about it, it really boils down to being conscious about your energy type and the other person being conscious and willing to. , which of course you're not experiencing as an empath with a narcissist. The narcissist is not somebody who wants to change.

And the first person on your path of growth that is not gonna like it, who's gonna gaslight you, manipulate you and push back, tell you all the lies, is that person who doesn't want to? Typically that is at N P D narcissist. It pains them too much to change. I guess they would rather die than change in some extreme circumstances.

Like it, it just, I guess mommy, they won't, cuz narcissists are all about self-preservation. So a gun to their head, I guess they would say, of course they would change, but you would have to have the perpetual gun to their head for them to actually make the conscious. to do the work to change because it takes work, right?

It takes conscious work. Going to the emotional gym, going to the, doing all the exercises that help rewrite those automatic negative neurons, right? We, whatever is easy, is automatic and apparently it's negative because the negative locks in more to make sure we survive and are part of the, yeah, whatever.

So it's survival. So it always goes back to, is this person that you're with, are they consciously willing to be open to learn about this? Are they consciously willing to change? And are they showing you in their actions? That is it. That is, it all boils down to that. After talking so much about the different types and the human design, are they willing to change in their.

and only time will tell. And you need to be cognizant and aware, , you just can't, put your rose colored glasses on now, now that you're aware. You need to really be unbiased and document and say, wow. He said he would do this, but he's not doing it. He's like, okay, I'll give him a week. Okay. He's still not doing it. Okay, give him. The change, the actual actionable effort to change happens immediately.

ack after, let's say the most:

But that takes mindful consciousness reminders from you as well as them to, to make this shift and to change. Yeah, but always, I would say for everyone, if you wish to feel grounded, spend time alone in.

Long story short, that is the conclusion of this topic today.

Narcissistic Manifestors will plow through everything, will not inform anybody of anything, make drastic choices and changes and yeah, really intense energy. Narcissistic projectors are going to be very hotheaded. Bull, I guess bullheaded, stubborn, arrogant. They know everything. No one's doing ev it, right?

No one's doing it properly. Constantly criticizing those around them.


Thank you so much for listening to today's human design topic.

a wonderful listener. L m j s:


And remember, always key. You're you unique, light shining.

Losing time, I'll fade in fast. I just wanna make it last. Try to let go of the past. I close my eyes. Embrace the blast. Sleepless nights and headache stuff, restlessness to hell and back. What's my purpose? But do I grab a slippery resu surface, a heart attack? Sometimes you just gotta something that'll give you relief.

What we're broken. It's tragic. We're not all elastic, but maybe there's magic. Believe you could.

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