Episode 41

How the Human Design Incarnation Cross Rise of Sleeping Pheonix will support your independence from the Narcissist. Episode

Published on: 25th March, 2023
"What is this, on my chart, Incarnation Cross mean?"

Your own personal Human Design chart has an incarnation cross and the theme, and it's correlated to your  destiny, your energy of your life theme. And we all collectively are influenced as a community in each 21 year cycle of each Incarnation Cross.

Learn more what the Energy is in the Near Future with Pluto entering Aquarius. ....

Here are some key moments:

  • Big structures, in the Cross of Planning, that don't serve us will crumble
  • Incarnation Cross of Sleeping Pheonix = Encanto
  • What this means for us in our own lives.
You hold all the power within you. Thank you very much. That's what I tell you guys all the time. You and only you are your authority.

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Incarnation Cross of Sleeping Pheonix



a trauma informed spiritual mentor, certified meditation teacher, and human design expert. I'm empowering empaths three times a week in recovery and healing from narcissistic abuse, childhood trauma through human design, self-care, mindfulness advice, and expert interviews. This is season five

Episode of 41. What is the incarnation cross? And the theme.

Of the collective consciousness. In the near future.

Today, I'm sharing with you a clip from. Uh, Members only human design gates. Series.

Each Zodiac season. I share with you, which gates in the human design chart are related to that Zodiac sign. And we go through and we describe each gates traits, how they affect you in a collective, how they're activated. And then, um, in this first one in the area season, because it's spring Equinox and Pluto is entering Aquarius and major shifts are happening in the planets.

I also included. The incarnation cross. So this incarnation cross. Uh, video that's separate so we can kind of keep ourselves organized is in the membership and it shares with you what it is. This is a big part of your chart. And it's something. If you get your chart read by me. I don't read you exactly what it means, because it's like a whole other reading in and of itself of what is your major life's theme and your destiny. And each of us has a certain theme and an incarnation cross that kind of helps us and guides us in where we sh we should be focusing.

where we should be growing more. And. All of these also affect us on a collective conscious level. So I hope you enjoy this and it kind of brings a little bit more clarity to light of what the incarnation cross is and how it's going to be affecting us as a collective. Consciousness.

If you wished to tune in and get these updates every season with the gates and go through your chart and learn more about each of your gates, which is like your personality traits, your energy traits. then go ahead and super simple. You just head on over to patrion.com forward slash and path healing.

And sign up to the Patrion. At the founding members level.


Now the incarnation cross is, the book is like your destiny, your own personal chart has an incarnation cross and the theme, and it's correlated to your destiny, your energy of your life theme, like your north node. What are you moving toward?

What are you shifting forward into? And. Essentially tells you the theme of why you were born to live on this earth.

So the Inter incarnation Cross as a collective is the Global Consciousness Program,

so the incarnation theme of planning involves making plans for security and future wellbeing of the family and the community. Considering those closest to you, whether lovers, relatives, clients, faithful friends, et cetera. The most important feature is in your life, are those people planning for. , your greatest source of satisfaction comes from bringing your skills and attention to detail into what your family does and how it flourishes.

It just comes naturally. So we're in the making plans stage now. If I go to 32, the Maya personal life theme of the Maya. The life theme of the Maya is to describe everything that happens in your world. You do this by observing the process of growth and change and relating them to the underlying principles at work and our universe.

You always know at least two ways of assessing and describing the same thing. Your meditation is to appreciate that not everything is as it appears, no matter how much you or anyone else thinks it should.

years after this:

This is what I'm trying to link these two without confusing you, . So the major theme, we're now in the planning stages, seeing all angles and views and sides of a problem so we can find a solution. That's where we're in a thick of it right now. And moving forward, we will be in this major global consciousness of the sleeping Phoenix future transformation.

And incurable romantic. You are driven by your quest for intimacy. By the way, Miley Cyrus has this theme so you can take a look at her personality and herself, unless you are really clear about your own needs, you can find yourself literally looking for love and deep experiences in all the wrong places.

Always a bit ahead of your time. You chase impossible dreams using any means to pursue them. Wondering how they are so enticing and elusive as you stretch to catch them. Grasp them for a moment and then crash and burn, only to rise again sometime later from the ashes of your experiences. Remember Harry Potter and the phoenix that burnt up to ashes and then rose out a beautiful new little.

in your passage through life, you affect people in profound ways as you get them to appreciate where you are pointing. Despite romantic disappointments, and often because of them, you enter a process of self transformation. So the conscious collective is in a people self transformation.

ss of the sleeping phoenix in:

The cross of the sleeping Phoenix is an individual frequency for. and brings with it a massive mutation in a solar plexus, which is your emotional center with the sleeping phoenix, when it wakes up, it must die before it can fly. It is necessary for you to expand your capacity to hold the energy of the sleeping phoenix, which is clearer, calmer, and more relaxed and more in alignment with infinity.

Very Piscean, right? Like things are like, there's no limit to time and space. There's borders are, there's, you can intercross into the spirit realm, like the veil is getting thinner. and you have the ability, you have to be able to process and maintain this frequency in your nervous system. And aura, which I think is really important to increase your vibration with the healing frequencies as well as connect with yourself through meditation, through your, to connect to your soul.

So the cross of planning was tribal people coming together. The cross of sleeping phoenix is individual the exact. The time of sleeping. Phoenix also represents cultivating internal power first as a strong, solid foundation for external power, embracing darkness, feminine and masculine nature, individuality, authenticity, sovereign right to be consciousness, a solar plexus as a brain intuition, internal monarchy versus some people and external things as being your ruler.

Self-governance, self autonomy, self-sufficiency in all areas of your life. And that doesn't mean that we're isolated. That just means that we're overflowing with love and abundance to interact with others because we are tuned into our light, to our intuition. It's beautiful. Eating nourishing food is important.

Working out, keeping your stress low, drinking plenty of water for this new energy frequency elevation is really key to do the selfishness will come to extremes. Yes. Developing a mean spirit, that means spirit is a polarity and conditioning. Not of self. So we will probably still be seeing a lot more evil in the world because of this self-centeredness yeah, splitting of paths. I will,

yeah. I see that too. This intensifying splitting of timelines of people pitting themselves against others, right? The empath against the narcissist, and so many of us victims spewing hate towards the narcissist, almost dehumanizing them. The not self will be pulled towards competition and separateness, so it's important even more to really focus in on.

y to, the best way to go into:

Great for the collective. Again, when we're at a higher frequency, a loving frequency, a light frequency, be physically strong and healthy, so your body and can hold the new frequency. So take care, work out, train your body, loss of water. Be eating healthy. Yeah. Know that you hold the keys to the kingdom all along.

gym is powerful for entering:

Frequency in the collective and in your life. I think if we're already on the light and healing path, it's exciting. If you're not, then yeah, just filter out all those people as best as you can because they're gonna be even more intense in the coming days and years.

I've just produced and gotten ready, an amazing conversation. .

With Sherisse Bisram, she is an inner power activation leader.

And it airs. This Sunday.

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