Episode 37

The Story of the Turtle and Snake - Tarot Message for Leaving the Narcissist

Published on: 18th March, 2023
Don't be fooled by the snakes logic, it's in their nature to bite. "Tell me that you love me, lying to my face....What a shame. Guess my lover was a snake." - JVKE

Listen today to the tarot card message on Leaving the Narcissist. The Knight of Wands showed up and told you, to shed the old identity like a snake and more...

Here are some key moments:

  • Story of the Turtle and snake
  • Hack to stay no contact with the Narcissist
  • Tarot card reading on how to leave the narcissist

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37. The Story of the Snake and the Turtle Tarot card pull for leaving the Narcissist



a trauma informed spiritual mentor, certified meditation teacher, and human design expert. I'm empowering empaths three times a week in recovery and healing from narcissistic abuse, childhood trauma through human design, self-care, mindfulness advice, and expert interviews. This is season five

Episode 37. The story of the snake and the turtle Uh, Tara card pull on Leaving the narcissist the taro card The taro reading on leaving the narcissist


and also in some cards, it's called the Night of Wands. I honestly love the snake. This was one of the totem animals that I freaking, I'm so afraid of. But this was an animal that came into my healing journey, especially when I dove deep in when I started having babies.

And it was this animal that reminded me that I can continually shed the skin of the old. I can continue to shed my co-dependency. I can continue to shed the negative patterns and to rise up and be the chain breaker in my generational trauma. In being co-dependent, which then leads to being a victim of narcissistic abuse.

I mean, that doesn't exactly lead, but part of it is an example. Being too open and vulnerable is also part of falling for the narcissist. And in a strange way, the snake resembles. Two things, right? It resembles your transformation, the shedding, and it also resembles the actual viper, which is the narcissist who is always biting you.

So it is almost reminding me when I look at this is like, stop touching the snake and I'm gonna share this story. I feel like I've shared it so many times, but you may be the first one to hear it today. It's the story about the tor. and it's not the tortoise, it's the turtle cuz it could go on water and the snake.

So the snake came up to the river, couldn't cross it, the turtle was about to cross and the snake asked the turtle, Hey, can I hop on your back? I real, I'd love to get a ride across the river. The turtle said, no way you're gonna bite my neck. I'm not gonna give you a ride on my back. Started to go in the water, so Oh wait, wait.

But if I bite you, then I'm on your back. So we'll both. . And so the turtle thought a second and said, okay, all right, hop on my back. So they're halfway across the river. The snake bites the turtle, and the turtle says, why did you do that? Now we're both gonna die and drown. And they did. And, but before they did, the snake said I couldn't help it.

It's in my nature. So remember, To stop going to interact with the snake. Sometimes you may have to put a snake emoji on the contact information of somebody who has bitching you more than once and is narcissistic. So to remind you, if you're feeling some warm fuzzy feeling about a memory or an idea you had about them, and you see the emoji of the snake on that contact, you're like, oh yeah, they're a snake.

They're gonna bite me even though I have good in. So that might be a little hack for you on your phone about staying no contact and leaving the narcissist.

This card also is about energy, passion. Inspired Action Adventure, impulsiveness. This, all of these energies are gonna help you. Leave the Narcissist Aven. You're going on a new adventure. This is not scary. This is a new, fantastic adventure free for you to be able to grab the remote and turn on reality TV show whenever the hell you want, because they're not gonna be judging you about how stupid it is this.

An amazing card to help you out on your adventure, to take that inspired action and to take the energy of your intuition, knowing that, yes, this is the time to lead and it's the time to leave. I love it. Yeah. You are bold and you are courageous, and this is your hero's journey and rising up and leaving the narc.

ve so much work to do here in:

Now how do you leave? And this is what we're gonna navigate this year. How do we interact with these toxic relationships? And with the narcissist, you're gonna leave. Beautiful. Thank you so much for being here and commenting and asking questions and participating. I appreciate you and I hope that you felt supported in your healing.

I am so grateful for you listening, finding the show, and sharing it with your. It would give a great boost in the heart center to algorithm to rate and review this podcast. If you are enjoying it, take a screenshot, share it on your socials, share it in a text message to a friend that you know right now needs to be pulled out of the quicksand.

And remember, always key. You're you unique, light shining.

Losing time, I'll fade in fast. I just wanna make it last. Try to let go of the past. I close my eyes. Embrace the blast. Sleepless nights and headache stuff, restlessness to hell and back. What's my purpose? But do I grab a slippery resu surface, a heart attack? Sometimes you just gotta something that'll give you relief.

What we're broken. It's tragic. We're not all elastic, but maybe there's magic. Believe you could.

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