Episode 13

How to Re Align Your Heart Chakra After Narcissistic Abuse

Published on: 31st January, 2023
“I have a big heart and sometimes I hate it. I overthink. I over apologize. I over forgive. I care too much about people who don't really care about me."

Recovering from narcissistic abuse can feel like an uphill battle, but you can get back to a better balance. So in this episode today, You're going to learn how to use your heart chakra. To help reestablish equilibrium.

And rebuild self-esteem after traumatic experience.

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Here are some key moments:

  • Human Design influences on prone to Narcs [3:36] “Reading of a human design and we talked a little bit more. Into her will center,"
  • Mantra for this open will center. [7:26] “I enter into all agreements, according to my human design strategy. ."
  • Set Aside time for yourself. [9:33] “ Practice deep breathing exercises. Yoga or meditation as they will help restore balance and create a deeper sense. Of connection within yourself. . "
  • Disassociating from the abuse. [12:54] "With visualization techniques."

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Healing from PTSD, emotional abuse, havoc on your self worth from the narcissist requires months to years of self care, eft tapping, inner child meditation, self care, self discovery, journaling, and support in therapy from professionals and coaches.
This show is energetically educating on narcissism, self improvement and emotional intelligence.

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