Episode 75

Do you trust your Human Design Sacral Center? Intuition : Boundaries, Sleep health, & Sex

Published on: 23rd May, 2023
What does it mean to be a sacral being?
Where is the sacral center and how does mean for work and sex?

This is what we're covering today in the podcast episode, going back to the basics. In your human design chart. So if you have your chart in front of you. Make sure you have it out and ready to go through it. As we talk through the sacral center.

Here are some key moments:

  • What is the inner authority? Learn how to trust your Intuition if it is Pure or Emotional
  • What to do when your intuition says "NO"
  • What does it mean that your sacral center is white (undefined)?
  • What does it mean that your sacral center is red (defined)?
  • Interactions when these two centers meet: Boundaries, Sleep health, & Sex

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Episode 75. Do you trust your sacral?

What does it mean to be a sacred being. Where is the sacral center and how does this practically apply to you? This is what we're covering today in the podcast episode, going back to the basics. In your human design chart. So if you have your chart in front of you. Make sure you have it out and ready to go through it. As we talk through the sacral center.

Hello. Hello, dear empaths. So the sacred center. Is key to your motor system in the energy that you have to do things. Some of you have a colored in red sacral center. And some have a white. Let's go over the basics. If you have your chart in front of you. Let's take a look at it. It is the second square from the bottom.

In between the two triangles. If you don't have your chart, you can join the empath healing community. And I will email you your free chart. Just find the link in the show notes. And so here we have essentially the determination of, if you can be like the Energizer bunny, if it just colored in red.

This is called a sacred being. And if you have spurts of energy that you amplify the Energizer bunnies in the world and spend a lot more time in contemplation and rest. That would be if your sacral center is white. Going back to the basics. The types that have a white sacred center are projectors reflectors, and manifestors.

If you are a manifesting generator or generator than your sacral center is red and you are here to do. Busy as a bee, but be careful on where you're investing your busy energy. And today I titled do you trust your sacral? Because this also ties into those who have the inner authority called sacral authority.

Or pure authority.

You can use me as an example, I can share with you my stories and experiences as being a pure generator. Meaning my authority comes from my sacred. I have an open solar plexus, the triangle to the right. My triangle is white. And so therefore I amplify others emotions. Conscious or unconscious, but when you're conscious, you can have a bit more filter and know that yes, this person is feeling this. So I'm going to hold space and I'm not going to get caught up in the whirlwind and the tip, the.

The emotional tornado, if you will. That the unaware defined emotional center can bring to us. And so. This all ties into, because I want to talk about also, if you have that triangle to the right colored in that means that your inner authority or your guidance system. I would call your inner authority like your intuitions roadmap.

Knowing that you truly can trust yourself and your soul, which I know is a really big concern. And a topic for us here as impasse healing from narcissist is how do I trust myself again? How do I know that that what I'm thinking or feeling right now is valid, or if I'm making the right choice. And it's through your inner authority.

So do you trust your sacral? If you have a white solar plexus and you have a defined. Sake role. It's colored in red, then more than likely. Pretty much pretty sure that your inner authority is pure. It is sacred. It's coming from your gut.

And I think a lot of there's like a statement that says like, oh, trust your gut. Which is true for everyone because your gut also is in relation to your emotions, your emotions, give your, your gut a certain feeling. When you're feeling triggered or when you're feeling uneasy or uncomfortable. So instead of pushing through and letting people bully you over, trust your gut and walk away or trust your gut and say, no.

So, how do we trust our sate girl? How do we trust our gut? For those of you who have the pure inner authority, let's dive in a little bit deeper on what that means.

So it was really important for this inner authority to respond to something and use the respond to a yes or no question. And I do this in my coaching sessions, depending on what your inner authority is. We will ask questions. W to your inner authority specifically, if you're pure. So we will ask yes or no questions.

Does this. Relationship serve me. Yes or no. And then immediately feel into your gut. If it drops, it's a no, and it will actually push up to the throat and you'll have this guttural sound like. Oh, If it's a, I don't know, I'm still confused. You'll still, you, you won't feel much in your gut. You may feel kind of like in limbo, like that feeling like in between.

When you're falling and your gut drops. Then you, your guttural sound comes out as. Hmm. You just don't know and that's okay. You need more time to process. He need more time to see the evidence or the clarity. Um, and then if it's a, yes, this relationship is serving me, this relationship seems to be going well. And you know, I can find trust and safety in this relationship. It makes me feel good versus always putting you down.

Then you'll get that immediate response of like, um, you just feel happy and light in your gut. And you, you make the guttural sound of.

Yeah. Or you might be invited into a collaboration with somebody you can ask yourself, is this the right collaboration? Yes or no? And then it just to be able to trust your sacred, start with the small things. Like, do I want to eat chicken tonight? Yes or no. Right. Start with a small decisions that may cripple some of you. If you're like me and you have Libra and your moon and you have an intense.

Anxiety over choosing what you want to eat. You just can't choose just please make something for me and then I'll eat it. You know that. Each practice with your gut practice, with your intuition. What is. Em, if you're sitting there saying, is this food healthy for my body? And if it's obvious and you're eating, McDonald's, that's a great way to check in with your gut and, you know, for a fact that it's not really healthy for your body. And you're like, okay. Yes,

Like this I'm building baby steps to trust my gut. And it's okay. Every once in a while. Um, I'm just saying like use it as an experiment when there's a for sure. Thing that you know is not good for you checking with your gut and when it answers. Oh, then now listen to it. Walk away. Don't do it again.

Um, say no, all the things draw your boundaries. So when you feel in your gut, in this sacral, the, no, this is really what we want to dive in deeper and lean into. When you feel the no. Uh,

now, what do you do? How you have to trust your gut. Now you have to act on trusting your sacral and you have to act on that and say, I'm going to draw some boundaries. Okay. What is a scenario here? Let's say for instance,

You are. In a relationship and it seems like the blame is always put on you and you're starting to really doubt yourself and doubt your confidence. You can ask. Is this really all my fault question, mark? Yes or no. Is this really all my fault? Yes or no?

And listen to your gut. I mean, of course it might be confused in the narcissist has confused you into thinking that it's always your fault. Let's start to really tune into that moment and say, you know, no, and we all have those moments of clarity. And then we approached them and then they muddle our intuition. And so grab that response, grab that clarity right away.

No, it is not my fault all the time. So now you need to start to draw boundaries. And say. You know, I am not doing such and such activity with you anymore because you always put the blame on me. If something goes wrong and it's not enjoyable, it's not fun. And it's just so stressful. Like I'm not doing that with you anymore.

Or the boundary may be. I'm not talking about this with you anymore. And sometimes it's an unspoken boundary where you don't respond and you don't argue you just gray rock method. It, sit there in silence and be quiet. And sometimes this happens in a hell of a relationship to when the other person just needs to vent and get it all out.

And you just sit there and go. I'm not going to even answer or defend. I'm going to let my ego go. Let them get it out. And then we can have an intelligent conversation about it. But I know with you, do your empath who are dealing with narcissists. There is no intelligent conversation to be had. With the giant toddlers in our life. So then you just have this unspoken boundary with yourself and you say,

I'm not going into this conversation with this person anymore. I'm not going to defend myself. I'm not going to go there. And as you develop your confidence and trust in yourself, you will also find a way out. You will find a way to be independent. You will find that you don't want to put up with it anymore in your life. And you're just going to be done with a narcissist.

So it was all of this is in baby steps and our sacral inner authority. Helps us with that. And just speaking to the majority of you as well, that most of us either have the sacred inner authority or the emotional inner authority. And the other authorities are rare. So maybe they have an emotional inner authority, which is the majority of the people.

Then you need to take time, use your emotional cycle. And then find the middle neutral point after you've experienced the highs, middle and lows about whatever's proposed to you and you're ready to respond to. Maybe it's a trip. With your romantic partner, but you know, They say, okay, well, let's go to Ana summer vacation this, this summer, and let's go to Hawaii. I don't know, just throwing out there.

And so you're really excited. You're like, yeah, this will be the change. This will be what finally shifts them. Into seeing me hearing me and loving me. You know, we just need to escape from life. Life is really what's causing all of this stress and that's why they're quote, unquote being mean to me. And you're justifying a way their abuse.

And so you're excited. You're like, yes. Oh my gosh, this is awesome. Let's do it. The problem with your emotional and authorities, you cannot come at right away. So just. No that. If you have emotional inner authority, start to think about it and say, I'll get back to you on that. Let me, let me just think. You're not thinking you're actually feeling, but you say, let me think about it.

And then you just take a step back. You don't say yes right away, because now you're excited. You're like, this is the answer. This is what's going to fix them. This was going to fix our relationship. And then you come to your medium point it's it's is on a cycle. You have a consistent wave of cycle of your emotional. It's like a motor.

So you're neutral. You're like, Yeah, Hawaii, maybe. And then you get to the low point in your emotional cycle. And you're like, remember that time when we went on a vacation. And all they did was drink or wanna do stuff all night long for hours and hours. Or remember when they got in the bar fight and it was just horrible. Or remember when they play the victim and they were just mad at me the whole time. And I was like, what just happened?

Or real story, one of our guests. Um, NSE Jones. I remember when I got in that horrible zip-line accident, my whole body was like aching all over and they were upset that I was aching all over and they were blaming me for not having a good time. Oh, yeah, that sucks. Like that was the worst vacation ever. What if this vacation is just like that? I don't want that. Right. You start to feel dread. You start to feel like, no, I don't want to go. And this is horrible. Okay.

This is good. This is normal experiences in life. We have our highs, we have our lows. And so feel through all of that, remember all of the bad times, and then come up into your neutral point after you've experienced that, there'll be a little bit of a wave. And then you'll find yourself in a neutral point going, huh?

Hawaii. This summer.

I don't feel like it's going to fix anything. I don't feel like I want to put up with any more trauma or abuse on a vacation, away from my home. I'm feeling like this isn't the right move for our relationship. You know, And this is all happening in your neutral part of your emotional cycle after you experienced the highs and lows.

And this is how you trust your sake, or this is how you trust your gut. When you have an emotional inner authority. Let the waves ride, ride the waves, let them come in and up. They're swelling up. They're happy. They're neutral. And they're swelling down. The tide is low and then they're back neutral.

That's we're going to find your clarity and how you feel. It's all about if feeling you feel in your environment. The feeling you feel about the situation, how it made you feel in the past, how it makes you feel in the present. So really trust yourself, trust how you feel. And this ties into trusting your gut, which is your intuition.

Um, it's not so much sacred. We're talking about inner authority of the emotional. But it goes back to the sacred. Circling back to trusting your answers, your gut feeling when you've asked it a yes or no question for those who have that sacred inner authority.

So let's just talk one more time about when your sacral is colored and defined versus when it's open and white. And what happens when these two centers meet? I know we covered that in a few episodes back when we were covering in the toxic interactions with the sacro center. Let's just recap just for all of you. Who've just recently joined and for you are still learning this and read I just thing it so important over and over.

He's concepts. And maybe this time round something I say might click. So again, a sacred center is one of the most important centers. It defines what type you are. It is one of the four motors. And the sacred is that square located towards the bottom of your chart? Between the two triangles right above the bottom square, which is the root. It is the center that governs your energy. It is your life force.

Energy. It also governs reproductive organs, your ovaries, your testes. And if you have this opened, that means that you have an undefined sacral. You are a projector. Manifester or reflector. This means that you have. Uh, a limited capacity. Too. Do things.

But you have an unlimited capacity to experience life force and workforce because every open center. Amplifies the defined center. And so you can experience doing right, working in a very different varied way, depending on who you're around and who you're amplifying.

The undefined sacral center is here to become a wise about work and sexuality. So you are here to work smarter, not harder.

So when you're amplifying you get short bursts of energy. And then you rest. Rest rest, rest don't feel guilty that you are lazy. You were in your rest mode and when you're ready, you will amplify. The aura near you in your group, maybe you've created a mastermind. You've delegated. You've created.

You know, a team together with generators and manifesting generators who were always busy at work. So don't look at us and go, oh my gosh, I can't do that. How do they do that? I'm so jealous. That's not the point there. The point is for you to almost guide us and be like, oh, you know what? You actually can be more efficient if you do it this way. And if for all of us who are open to that, we'll say, yes, thank you.

So because of this, a lot of people with the open sacrals think that they can do more than anyone else because you have such an amplifying superpower.

And for short periods of time, that's true. You can work like quick, quick, quick. It gets so much done. But remember the key is understanding. That your energy of the sacred soul is. About sustainability. So you cannot sustain long periods of work. And high energy for a prolonged period of time, you will experience burnout. You will experience break down. You will experience brain shutdown or like perfection paralysis.

And that's not good for anybody because that's, you're not here to grind it out like us who have it defined.

So Monday through Friday work. Nine to five. That's not your kind of work.

Having a few hours part-time job, having your own business, being able to set your own schedule. That is your type of work. And for most people with open sacred centers, hearing that they are not designed to work in a traditional sense is a great really, if so, I hope that that's a great relief to you.

My dear manifestors projectors and reflectors.

This also applies to our children who have undefined sacrals. And I'm really debating personally about my child who has these. She has meltdowns. She has breakdowns because she can't keep pushing at the speed and rate, you know, and public schools. They have all these very. They run a tight ship and they have, you know, for this time we're quickly doing this subject for this time. We're quickly doing this subject.

And she can keep up because again, that boost of amplifying energy, but. So when it comes to just like, Too much, too much as burnout. So it was like, I want to almost like create a manual for her teacher next year. If we can't shift her to a Montessori. So think about that. Think about just giving your children, your non sacred children, grace.

Space to rest and vege out zone out. And space to amplify and get stuff done when they're amplifying and ready to go.

So if you've crashed. After 40 years in a certain career or a job. Um, and really struggling in life. It makes sense because you have this open sacral center, which does not have a consistent motor. You don't have that consistent sustainability. Yours is in spurts. And this industrial age is just not it's designed for generators and manifesting generators.

It was invented probably by those people and they think, well, everyone should be like that. No, not everyone is like that. You're very unique. Non sacred beings also are judged and defined as lazy because of their need for naps and significant alone time and vege time. But these needs are vital for their physical health.

As a non sacral person, you need a lone time to discharge the access, sacred energy from your system. You also need to nap to recharge yourself and reveal vitalize your body. Both alone time and adequate sleep are crucial for you to stay healthy. And this is another whole topic we can talk about. Maybe the non sacred and sleep.

Essentially get yourself some blue blocker glasses. Turn off down all your lights, go as ancient nature, like as possible. Allow your asleep serotonin to kick in or melatonin to kick in. And just lie down, relax and spend time in bed reclining before it's actually time to fall asleep. Now the defined sacral completely different.

Then the open undefined sake role. Is of course that square will be colored in red. And again, it's the generators and manifesting generators of the world who have this defined. So when you have it defined, this sacred is a motor you are designed to work. You were designed for the industrial revolution to be in a factory to work nine to five work.

Five to six days a week. I just heard a radio interview of Elon Musk. Well, not a huge fan, but he said he works. Six. Or maybe you said he worked seven days. So no, he works seven days a week and he has like three personal days in the whole thing. Well, let's pull up his chart. He clearly is a generator or a manifesting generator.

If not, he's going to burn out pretty soon. And of course, bright stars as he is, do burn out quickly. So generators manifesting generators. Uh, you have the sustainability to work to do to have multiple, especially if you're managing multiple projects going on at once. I have so many of those and I don't like it because I'm a generator. So I'm like thinking about how I can pair back, have less projects, but in general speaking,

You have been raised to believe, to make things happen. You've been taught to manifest your destiny. But as many of you may have already experienced. If you have a defined sacred, and you go out and you try to make things happen, you usually feel frustrated because nothing turns out the way you had planned.

Remember. The manifesting generator generator are here to wait to respond so busy. Be busy, be busy as a bee. Doing what you love. Do what you love. Don't do it because it's a grind. Find something that lights you up. Cause when your light beam lights up and you love it and you share it, people will draw you in and bring you opportunities. And.

You'll have things to respond to.

But just starting something and saying, Hey, this is what I'm going to do. I'm going to start this thing. Come join me. I mean, kind of only the manifestor has that energetic flow for that to really be successful and work. If you have a defined sacral motor, you are designed to wait for things to show up, and this can be difficult. Like I said, just keep yourself busy doing what you love because yes, that sacral center is buzzing and humming and has to stay busy. You can't sit still.

Sacred beings are very busy people. They are designed to be doing. I used to always laugh at my dad who could never sit still. And he knew he could never sit still. So he always had a wood project. He was always cleaning something. I mean, he usually always was working out in his woodshop because that keeps him busy doing the woodworking.

But the sacral center is all about waiting and responding to whatever shows up in your outer reality. So think about it. If you have a defined sacral. How many times have miraculous and unexpected things happen to you out of the blue. And what happens to you if you go out and you try to make things happen.

I can answer personally that when I'm doing what I love and I'm buzzing and humming and shining my light. Miracle's come to me, doors open up for me. There's nothing that I ever could even imagine or think of to ask to manifest. And when I try and make things happen. Get things going. I E the patriarch on.

Not much happens. I hit blocks. Right. I'm hitting energetic blocks because that's not how we're supposed to be. So we were supposed to be responding to things. So just being here. Hosting this podcast sharing what I love. Sharing with you, your free charts brings me the opportunity to talk to you. Respond to you.

And then potentially have the opportunity for you to go, Hey, I really want to know more about this. Can you help me read my chart? Right? That's a invitation or like a responding to what I'm doing.

And the greatest things that have happened out of me. Being able to wait to respond is again doing this podcast. I love so much. It's so fun. I've grown it so much and I wish to grow it more. Reach the top 1% versus hanging out at the 2% please share like, and subscribe to the podcast to help me with that.

Excuse me. Is, I was invited in to be a podcast. Coach in get more listeners academy. It's a brand new academy company. It's a group coaching and we have so much fun over there. We get to just guide them, support them, hold their hand through the process of honing in their skills as podcasters and getting more listeners to their podcast. And that's something completely.

Out of my mind that I would've never thought to be invited into. So it's such a wonderful opportunity and that's just the magic of being a generator and manifesting generator.

So getting back to the sake role. Trusting your sake role is important.

And the keyword for sacral energy is sustainability. Back to that word, sustainability. So it's a relationship that can work between a defined and an undefined sacred center when they meet. Because I think it's a great collaboration. Um, bringing awarenesses to the difference of energy is crucial. The defined sacred has the sustainable energy.

Right. The red colored in, and then the white undefined sacral does not. So for short periods of time, the undefined sacred can amplify the energy of the defined. But eventually we'll crash. So this can be frustrating if you think that they're going to work side by side on the same energetic level as you.

Um, and they, you might not feel like they're a good match or a good partner, and they're not pulling their weight. But it is important to, to notice that. I have a VA who helps me and he is a projector. And I'm a sacral. So I get that. I'm really busy all the time and I'm throwing a lot at him. And it's just so nice to just.

Just tap into his energy of like, don't be so hurried. Don't be so busy, but he's also on top of me of like stay focused. This is what we got going today. What do you got going today? Give me the information so I can get it all pulled together. And it's really a beautiful interaction between also I'm respectful of his energy. And I know that if it's, if I'm doing something last minute, I'm gonna.

Whip it up real quick last minute and not rush him and force him to do it as fast as me.

The undefined sacral needs time alone to discharge in nature. The sacred energy from the world. And when the undefined sacred is overcharged, they can feel hyper zingy manic. And I may even say their legs. Get a bit spasmic just from observing my child. The undefined sacred is not designed to hold on to sacred energy indefinitely.

Eventually not discharging that energy takes a toll. And I like to describe it as let's say us define sake, girls. We are. Like emitting some type of smoke writer energy. Imagine it as a smoke and it starts to color in and fill in your white sacral. And all of a sudden your sacred starts to look like a light pink, cause you're kind of amplifying our reds.

Smoke, right. The redness, the smoke. But if you don't dissipate and clear that out, it will keep filling and filling and filling and, and then it'll overflow. It will spill over and it'll be too much. It's too much energy, maybe like a lightening, my zap or something. Right. And then you crash. It's like a bomb, right? We don't want a bomb to go off. So eventually.

Not discharging that energy takes its toll. So finding alone time, laying down quietly. To just charge that energy, especially at night is very important. To allow that smoke that you just sucked up from all of us in your open white sake girl. Two. Disappear cause you want to be you again. You want to have that white it's important for that to stay white.

Or to be white.

at night with our partners. [:

So it is interesting. Something to experiment with is for the undefined sake, girls sleep alone in their own room. In their own aura.

And this is true for undefined sacred children as well. They need their own bedroom if possible. The third challenge with the undefined sake grill and the defines April is romantic relationships in sexuality. Remember that undefined energy has few limits on how it can be experienced, but define energy is somewhat fixed.

So the undefined sacral can have a variety of sexual experiences and even preferences, but an undefined sake girl in the aura of a defined sake, girl will always be a reflection of the other person. So if you have an undefined say girl, and you've had a variety of sexual experiences, your open energy is probably why.

It is crucial for the undefined sacred to enjoy the sexuality of their defined sacral partner. Because. The say the define, say, grow partner. Is not going to change. They're not going to be as open. Or flexible is the very consistent way of doing sex. And so that's something that maybe a little bit, they can be more open to, but as much as the variety as you may have experienced, that's just not going to happen.

So keep those expectations in mind. When it comes to Saks and your sacred centers.

You are. Unique you are fabulous. And you are here for a very special reason. No matter. What has happened in your life now in past lives? Now as the moment. To gain, to gain the key, to gain this roadmap to your energetic centers, to trust your sacral again. To eliminate diffuse and clear out the energy that you've absorbed.

By the negative toxic. Energy vampire. Both of us to find it on. Undefined can clear ourselves out of this type of energy.

And it's, this is the way to trust our gut. Again, this is the way to trust our sake role again.

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